Spanish authorities break cryptocurrency-funded ISIS network

This past weekend, Spanish authorities broke up a network of ISIS-affiliated terrorists who had been receiving funding from European criminals and had been involved in cryptocurrency transactions totaling €200,000.

On Saturday, as part of a two-and-a-half-year terrorist investigation, five individuals were detained in Spain on suspicion of being affiliated with DAESH terrorists, also known as ISIS, according to the National Police Agency.

During this time, the gang reportedly plotted two terrorist acts and sent cryptocurrency funds to jihadists via overseas shipments generated by illegal activity in Europe. According to reports, the police took €200,000 in cryptocurrency from the organization.

Reports indicate that one of the detainees had been radicalized in the months leading up to their arrest and was on the verge of committing an act. Authorities found an axe and ammo for a weapon during their search of their residence. “From those detained, manuals for indoctrination of minors, explosives manuals, and jihadist propaganda have also been seized,” the police said.

The probe started when it was discovered that a Spanish national was working with a jihadist plotting a terrorist attack in France. Eight people were apprehended as a consequence of a combined operation by Switzerland and Spain.

A larger network supporting ISIS over three continents was found to include the first two extremists. The Spanish police took this information and used it to launch an anti-terror investigation that eventually led to the arrests made on Saturday. The inquiry included twelve nations in Europe, the Middle East, and the Maghreb.

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