According to the latest data from Glassnode, long-term Bitcoin holders now own a record amount of the crypto

According to the latest statistics from blockchain analytics startup Glassnode, the most dedicated Bitcoin users, also known as long-term holders, own a record amount of Bitcoin (BTC).

The data shows that there are now 14.599 million Bitcoins in circulation, with 75% of that number held by so-called long-term holders.

Glassnode reports a record high of 14.599 million BTC owned by long-term holders. In only the previous week, the total has climbed by 43,949 BTC, or over $1.3 billion.

Wallet addresses that have kept onto their coins for 155 days or more are considered long-term holders since they are thought to be less inclined to spend or sell their coins even if the price drops.

On Monday, Glassnode’s chief on-chain analyst, who goes by the alias Checkmate, posted a picture displaying the all-time high on social networking platform X.

Bitcoin volatility has dropped to multi-year lows but there are more BTC held by long-term investors than ever before.

According to Glassnode’s most recent The Week Onchain Newsletter, Bitcoin’s 30-day price range is inside a small band of 9.8 percent wide, and its 1-year volatility is at its lowest since December 2016.

The statement continued, “it suggests that Bitcoin is either no longer infamously volatile… or volatility could be mispriced.” Options markets now reflect the extraordinarily low volatility.

A Glassnode analyst named Checkmate commented on the recent low volatility data by stating on X that this “aligns with the post-bear-market hangover periods.”

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