Newspaper in Ireland issues apology for a fake news article

An Irish newspaper claimed in a statement that it had been “deliberately deceived” into publishing an article by a guest writer who turned out to be artificial intelligence.

After realizing it had published an article written by an AI-powered guest writer, an Irish daily newspaper issued an apology to its readers.

On May 14, the Irish Times issued a statement saying it had been the target of “a deliberate and coordinated deception.” The editor, Ruadhán Mac Cormaic, said there should be stricter measures taken before the book was released.

On May 11 in the morning, an article by a writer named Adriana Acosta-Cortez, who called herself a “young immigrant woman in Ireland,” discussed the prevalence of artificial tans among Irish women.

Mac Cormaic claims that the alleged author made contact with the magazine’s editorial staff and contributed both research and tales. However, it was discovered that “at least in part” of the article and the byline picture was generated by AI.

A link to the article, which had been taken down, was restored on the author’s Twitter account using the Wayback Machine. The Irish Times was criticized in another tweet that said the paper needed a “better screening process.”

Twitter users remarked on the tweet, praising the prank as a “solid move” and thanking the profile for “exposing” the magazine, even if the real person of Acosta-Cortez remained hidden. The Irish Times isn’t the first news outlet to face criticism for covering artificial intelligence (AI).

After suffering a major brain injury in 2013, Michael Schumacher gave “the first interview!” to a German magazine on April 14. But it was soon discovered that the interview was created by AI, and Schumacher’s family subsequently filed a lawsuit against the newspaper. Recently, an AI-created “clone” of a Wall Street Journal writer fooled her bank and her family.

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