Ripple Hires Ex-White House Official to Ensure Its Future

Former US White House staffer Lauren Belive has been hired by Ripple Labs to lead their US public policy and government efforts.

This comes as top Ripple officials have been publicly condemning the Trump administration’s crypto-unfriendly posture.

On September 26, Lauren Belive posted on LinkedIn that she had been promoted to lead US public policy and government for Ripple. She spoke optimistically about Ripple’s possibilities in the future.

More than that, Belive agreed with the assessment that Ripple is “revolutionizing the cross-border payments sector.”

Belive continues by saying that her major duty would be to interact with the US administration. This is done so that Ripple may have its voice heard inside the regulatory framework.

Given the changing nature of the regulatory environment, it is critical that we push for measures that help not just the cryptocurrency sector but the many people and companies who stand to gain from it. Ripple’s native coin, XRP, is currently valued at $0.50 as of this writing.

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