Meta Introduced New AI’s Generative Tools For Advertiser

Background creation, picture enlargement, and text variety are just some of the new Generative AI tools that Meta has launched for marketers.

Meta has released generative AI capabilities including backdrop creation, picture enlargement, and text variety for marketers. Meta is ramping up its efforts to challenge the dominance of Google and OpenAI in the generative AI business.

Meta has said that its new generative AI capabilities would save marketers five or more hours each week. In terms of technicalities, its background generator can provide different backdrops for product photographs, which is helpful for advertising. Concurrently, the images may be expanded to fit into various aspect ratios. Last but not least, the tool’s text variety capability is useful for creative writing.

Meta is in difficulty in Australia because to allegations that it hosted fraudulent cryptocurrency advertisements, but it aims to roll out these functionalities gradually for advertisers. Andrew Forrest, an Australian businessman, has sued Meta, alleging that the company used his likeness in cryptocurrency advertisements without his consent.

Forrest states that despite repeated requests, the corporation did not remove the advertisements. With AI making headlines this year, Meta is pushing forward with plans to use the technology. Meta AI, the company’s latest conversational chatbot, was released in September, according to a report from BeInCrypto.

Meta said that the chatbot has distinct personas and can imitate the voices of twenty-eight well-known people. However, experts are worried about the chatbot’s potential effects on users’ privacy.

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