Ethereum has attracted significant investment from large financial institutions

Six Ether Futures financial instruments began trading for real on October 2.

Recent approvals and launches of various Ether Futures ETFs have increased institutional investors’ enthusiasm for Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market size, despite the prolonged crypto bear market.

Butterfill pointed out that the current inflow of money could not be compared to the $200 million that institutional investors put into Bitcoin (BTC) when ProShares launched the Bitcoin Futures ETF in 2021. This is because the market is currently bearish, while 2021 was a bull market.

However, institutional investors’ money movement continues to show the effects of the prolonged weak market. Since 2022, CoinShares data reveals that 61.5% of the time, or 24 out of 39 weeks, net negative flows (outflows) have occurred.

While Bitcoin witnessed a $219 million influx as of October 4 of this year, Ethereum suffered a $101 million outflow. In contrast, BTC and ETH have had weekly and monthly (MTD) inflows of $16.4 million and $12.9 million, respectively.

James Butterfill’s analysis shows that $22.7 million in net capital was invested into Solana’s financial products during the first week of October, making this a promising time to invest in the company’s stock.

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