Yankees join with NYDIG to pay staff with bitcoin

According to NYDIG’s study, a growing proportion of young employees are interested in obtaining Bitcoin-related incentives in their paychecks.

After reaching an agreement with Bitcoin-focused financial services business New York Digital Investment Group, the New York Yankees will let its workers convert a part of their wages into Bitcoin holdings (NYDIG).

According to the official press release, the multi-year arrangement will provide Yankees workers access to NYDIG’s Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP), allowing them to automatically convert a portion of their after-tax earnings into bitcoin.

The site does not let its users move their coins to other wallets or receive the asset from external sources, notwithstanding the absence of transaction fees.

According to the poll titled “Bitcoin Benefits 2022” by NYDIG, 25% of employees are interested in getting a part of their income in bitcoin, and the percentage jumps to 36% among workers under 30.

According to NYDIG, their bitcoin platform has been used by enterprises of all sizes, ranging from tiny firms to Fortune 500 corporations.

The chief marketing officer of NYDIG regards the cooperation as a crucial chance to utilise the illustrious sports franchise’s popularity in order to facilitate its aim of “bringing bitcoin to everyone.”

One of the most effective methods to save bitcoin is for workers of the Yankees and beyond to donate a portion of their paychecks to a Bitcoin Savings Plan, and dollar-cost averaging may smooth out the bumps along the way.

Last month, NYDIG formed a strategic agreement with the Big Four accounting firm Deloitte in order to provide bitcoin-related financial services to businesses of all sizes. Among the targeted industries were banking, consumer loyalty and rewards programmes, and employee benefits.

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