Robert Kiyosaki Claims That “Bitcoin Is People’s Money” and Promotes It As The Best Weapon Against Hyperinflation

Bitcoin was Monday praised by author Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” as the “best protection” against what he perceives as a potential upcoming hyperinflation, reminiscent of past economic disasters.

Kiyosaki joked on X, asking, “Are we about to celebrate hyperinflation too? Please don’t.” In praising Bitcoin as “People’s money,” Kiyosaki draws attention to the cryptocurrency’s decentralized structure.

“Food, like weapons, gold, and silver, will always be valuable,” he said. “Still, I think Bitcoin is the safest option for you since, as a “people’s money,” its value is determined by the people, not our politicians.”

In September, Kiyosaki seemed to be less enthusiastic on the top coin as he pondered its future in comparison to the US dollar.

“Instantaneous, round-the-clock, international transactions are now possible with Citibank tokens, according to the bank’s announcement that it is providing blockchain technology to convert institutional funds into them. Goodbye, British Columbia and the United States dollar!,” said by Kiyosaki.

On several occasions, Kiyosaki has voiced his enthusiasm for Bitcoin, silver, and gold. In his opinion, these assets are crucial. Actually, back in April he said that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 shortly since it was the “people’s money” while gold and silver were “God’s money.”

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