Windows 11’s hidden feature suggests the possibility of uninstalling AI components

Reflecting Microsoft’s dedication to supporting varied user preferences, Windows 11 is evaluating the ability to enable users to delete AI components.

Updates to Windows 11 have hinted at a potential new feature that would let users remove AI components from the OS. In Windows 11 preview build 26016, which is part of the Canary channel, the infamous leaker PhantomOfEarth uncovered a secret Settings page for AI components. Although the functionality is currently in its early stages and does not work, it might indicate a change in how Windows 11 integrates AI.

Using the Windows setup application ViVeTool, which allows access to the Settings page for AI components, PhantomOfEarth discovered this secret capability. The strings discovered by the leaker point to a page in Settings under the System category where users should be able to see and remove any system components linked to artificial intelligence.

The Windows Security app, the Microsoft Store, the Phone Link, and the Xbox Game Bar are all mentioned as AI components on this Settings page. Microsoft could think about enhancing these components using AI in the future, according to this. But it’s also conceivable that these postings are only temporary. However, the idea of integrating AI into various system components raises questions regarding user privacy and preferences.

The level of data collection, behavior profiling, and suggestion-making by AI that is based on personal information raises privacy issues. Concerns about privacy or skepticism about AI might lead some users to opt out of having AI included in their OS.

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