Terra’s Do Kwon Has Escaped to Europe

According to a report by the Korean Broadcasting System, the Terraform Labs CEO has been partly located.

According to Korean official media, a portion of Do Kwon’s whereabouts has been identified. The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) reported on November 3 that it is “believed that [Kwon] is now in Europe.” It was also said that Kwon had previously gone to a third European nation through Dubai.

Kwon formerly lived in South Korea but migrated to Singapore at an undetermined time. After TerraUSD’s collapse in September, he escaped to Singapore. The whereabouts of Kwon remained unclear as late as October 19.

KBS said that South Korean authorities had now rendered Kwon’s passport invalid in line with previous attempts. It was said that since Kwon’s passport is invalid, he “cannot move lawfully between nations” and is thus deemed an illegal immigrant wherever he dwells.

Despite the apparent identification of Kwon’s nation of origin, it is unknown if law enforcement is aware of Kwon’s particular whereabouts or is able to effect an arrest. Interpol issued a red alert to find and arrest Kwon on September 25, indicating he is now sought in the majority of nations.

South Korean prosecutors have filed many allegations against Kwon, including fraud and tax evasion. Today’s KBS article claims that prosecutors have proof that Kwon’s handling of TerraUSD constituted market manipulation.

KBS seems to have gotten its information straight from the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office, despite the fact that this office has made no public announcement. Do Kwon was approached by Crypto Briefing for comment, but no answer was received by press time.

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