Weekly Report (29 May – 04 June 23) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies happening worldwide.

1) Apple Is Introducing A Virtual Reality Headset Soon

The Apple Mixed Reality Headset is the first step in Apple’s drive towards the metaverse. The tech giant is developing the RealityOs software with state-of-the-art hardware to provide the best possible metaverse experience…[continue reading]

2) The Blockchain Association Has Rejected The Tornado Cash Regulations As “Unprecedented And Unlawful”

Tornado Cash was the most widely used privacy-enhancing technology on Ethereum, the second-biggest digital asset market in the world, before OFAC imposed penalties. The programme runs without any help from a person and is self-executing computer code published on the Ethereum blockchain…[continue reading]

3) Circle Isolating USDC From Potential US Debt Crisis

Circle Internet Financial, a major player in the cryptocurrency industry and the creator of the world’s second-largest stablecoin has taken a bold step by selling all U.S. Treasury bonds in the reserve pool that backs its USDC stablecoin…[continue reading]

4) Tether Regains $20B That It Lost Due To The Collapse Of TerraUSD

Tether’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, said about the company’s extraordinary growth: “The data we have now overwhelmingly shows how much individuals want to be financially independent. When given a chance, they take it with both hands.”…[continue reading]

5) Binance Has Disabled Anonymous Crypto Trading In France, Italy, Poland, And Spain

Binance, a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, has taken privacy coins off its list in some countries. On June 26th, this action will go into force, affecting the governments of France, Italy, Poland, and Spain, particularly…[continue reading]

6) Green Crypto Ecoterra Brings In $4.5 Million As Investors Move Towards Blockchain Solutions That Benefit The Environment

Ecoterra ($ECOTERRA) shows that blockchain technology and environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Ecoterra is leveraging the revolutionary potential of blockchain to combat climate change and the wasteful use of natural resources…[continue reading]

7) BlackRock Strategist Said, “The US Dollar’s ‘Impenetrable Armour’ Is Thinning As The Chinese Yuan And Other Currencies Gain Ground”

In a recent interview with Semafor Business, Rick Rieder, head of BlackRock’s Global Fixed Income division, which oversees over $2.4 trillion, said that alternative currencies, including crypto assets, are “chipping away” at the dollar’s dominance…[continue reading]