Apple Is Introducing a Virtual Reality Headset Soon

The Apple Mixed Reality Headset is the first step in Apple’s drive towards the metaverse.

The tech giant is developing the RealityOs software with state-of-the-art hardware to provide the best possible metaverse experience.

The scene is set for a significant technological battle as Meta prepares to release a cheaper headset with increased compatibility.

Meta and Apple are at the forefront of the race to develop the metaverse platform for augmented reality, but they face competition from several other companies.

Bloomberg claims that Apple will unveil its first virtual reality headset at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5. Although AR-specific hardware will be launched later, the highly anticipated headgear is a mixed-reality headset since it includes AR and VR features.

Apple’s entrance into the metaverse has been in the works since 2015, and the company is on pace to provide several gaming experiences to its customers shortly. According to prior trademark applications, the premium headset will be known as the Reality Pro or the Reality One.

The Apple headgear is said to include two Micro OLED displays, each with a resolution of 8K. In-built cameras will bolster these displays. Apple hopes to eliminate Metaverse platforms’ scathing complaints for investing billions but offering subpar visuals and an unsatisfying user experience.

Sensors that can replicate and identify human leg motions were also included, something that competitor Meta has yet to master. The team also used the company’s renowned M2 CPU from the MacBook. Retina scanners for payments and logins will provide additional biometric protection.

Despite setbacks, Mark Zuckerberg supports Meta, making it the metaverse with the most buzz. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is a huge proponent of AR and has spoken extensively about its potential applications in the real world.

“As a technology, augmented reality is revolutionary. Envision being able to present concepts in class using augmented reality suddenly. Comparing the two businesses’ business models, it’s clear that Meta will provide more product interoperability than Apple, which takes a “wall garden” strategy.”

Most people think Apple will outperform Meta in terms of visuals and user interface, two areas where Meta has always needed to improve. In reaction to Apple’s rumoured release, Meta has announced launching Quest 3, a more affordable headset.

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