Weekly Report (25 Sep. – 01 Oct. 23) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies happening worldwide.

1) Argentina’s City Will Start Blockchain-Based Digital Authentication Service

Using the layer-2 blockchain zkSync Era, the capital of Argentina is launching a digital identity service in partnership with the Self-Sovereign Digital Identity (SSI) protocol QuarkID. A news statement states that in October, Buenos Aires will implement a blockchain-based identification program for the city’s 15 million citizens…[continue reading]

2) The Polygon Network Now Includes Google Cloud As A Validator

Polygon reports that “the same infrastructure used to power YouTube and Gmail” would be used to ensure the safety of its network. Google Cloud is now a validator in the Polygon proof-of-stake network, as revealed by Polygon Labs on September 29…[continue reading]

3) According To R. Kiyosaki, Bitcoin Will Be Worthless Once CBDC Hits The Market

In particular, in an X post on September 29th, the author of the best-selling personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” predicted that the “FED CBDC [was] coming,” referring to the widely held belief that the “FedNow” payment system is merely a precursor to the launch of a nationwide central bank digital currency (CBDC)…[continue reading]

4) CZ Clarifies The Migration Process Following Binance’s Exit From Russia

There will likely be cross-platform crypto transactions when Russian consumers make the switch to CommEx. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao clarified the company’s transfer of its Russia operations to CommEx, a digital asset exchange that opened on September 26 and is backed by crypto venture capitalists…[continue reading]

5) The Central Bank Of Brazil Is Pushing For Stricter Crypto Regulation

Brazil’s central bank governor has called for more crypto regulation in an effort to reduce tax fraud and other negative uses of the technology. Brazilian Central Bank Governor Roberto Campos Neto has urged for more regulation of digital assets like cryptocurrencies as their use increases…[continue reading]