Argentina’s City Will Start Blockchain-Based Digital Authentication Service

Using the layer-2 blockchain zkSync Era, the capital of Argentina is launching a digital identity service in partnership with the Self-Sovereign Digital Identity (SSI) protocol QuarkID.

A news statement states that in October, Buenos Aires will implement a blockchain-based identification program for the city’s 15 million citizens.

Residents of the city may get vital records like as birth and marriage certificates by installing the QuarkID wallet. By November, further evidence of intellectual and financial credibility will be at your disposal.

The service is scheduled to launch in Buenos Aires, Argentina, first, with plans to expand to the rest of the country. Secretary of innovation for the local administration, Diego Fernandez, says:

“Buenos Aires is now the first city in Latin America and one of the first cities in the world to use and support this new technology. It will also serve as a model for how other countries in the area should use blockchain technology to help their citizens.”

Despite concerns about data-collecting initiatives, Buenos Aires is moving on with the plan. Kenya has banned the Worldcoin (WLD) initiative, which offered free cryptocurrency in exchange for an eye scan, due to privacy concerns last month.

However, according to zkSync, Argentina’s digital ID initiative takes privacy seriously and can effectively safeguard users’ information.

Personal data kept on-chain using zkSync and Ethereum as the foundation of this application aids in protecting against identity theft and other threats often associated with traditional, centralized data-storage systems.

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