Weekly Report (11 – 17 Dec 23) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This report will provide some essential and quick news about the cryptocurrencies happening worldwide.

1) The Hacker Chasing Millions In NFTs Wants Their Money Back

A hack occurred on the peer-to-peer trading website NFT Trader, leading to the theft of valuable NFTs valued at millions of dollars. A sophisticated attack victimized the peer-to-peer trading platform NFT Trader in an appalling cyber theft. Theft of valuable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) totaling millions of dollars was the end consequence…[continue reading]

2) Tether Supports The Secret Service And FBI In The Fight Against Crime

The newly appointed CEO of Tether, Paolo Ardoino, is making every effort to prevent the illegal use of the company’s stablecoins and to strengthen the security of the cryptocurrency market. The stablecoin issuer is aiming to step it up after the implementation of a new wallet-freezing policy that targeted people on the SDN list, leading to the freezing of more than 200 wallets…[continue reading]

3) U.S. Banks See A Free Fall As The Federal Reserve Delays Rate Cuts

The Federal Reserve’s interest rate signals have sent U.S. bank equities on a wild roller coaster. Market expectations for rate decreases in early 2024 were lowered, which had a negative impact on the banking industry that had just recently begun to recover from the crisis in March…[continue reading]

4) Hon Kong Partners With Major Banks To Launch Digital Green Bonds

The Asian city-state of Hong Kong (HK) is leading the way in the financing of digital assets. The city has enlisted the help of five big banks—including Credit Agricole CIB and HSBC Holdings Plc—to lead a sale of digital green bonds. This step demonstrates Hong Kong’s dedication to integrating cutting-edge financial technologies with eco-friendly practices, increasing the efficiency and transparency of the financial industry via the use of blockchain technology…[continue reading]

5) Philippines SEC Chair Provides Clarification On Possible Ban On Binance

A three-month period is provided before the ban action against Binance and other unregistered cryptocurrency exchanges in the Philippines becomes effective. The head of the Philippines’ securities and exchange commission has provided further clarity on when Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, is likely to face a ban in the nation…[continue reading]