Canada Is Affected by a Significant Telecommunications Outage

Emergency services, the financial industry, and government agencies are all negatively affected by Rogers’ network outages.

Rogers Communications, an Internet service provider in Canada is experiencing a widespread outage that affects services unrelated to the corporation, such as emergency services and financial institutions.

Canada Offline

The Canadian telecoms behemoth Rogers Communications is down, affecting a significant portion of the country’s telecommunications capabilities.

The outage which apparently occurred at 8:30 a.m. UTC is having a significant effect on cellular, cable, and internet consumers throughout the nation. Even services not immediately under Rogers’ control are experiencing problems.

Multiple areas of Canadian society have been impacted by the outage, including emergency services, banks, financial institutions, government agencies, police stations, airports, bridge infrastructure, and the U.S. border. The 911 service is still operational, but Rogers-affiliated devices and networks cannot access it.

Rogers Communications is the biggest internet service provider in Ontario and, combined with BCE and Telus, controls more than 90 percent of the Canadian market. This is the second time in the last two years that Rogers has caused a nationwide outage.

The episode might serve as a stark warning to Canadians and observers of the dangers presented by centralised service providers.

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