Weekly Report (01 – 07 August 22) | What Happened This Week In Crypto

This Report will provide you with some essential and quick news about cryptocurrencies that happened around the world.

1) Elon Musk Justifies His Main Support For $DOGE

Dogecoin ($DOGE), a popular meme-based cryptocurrency, was introduced on 6 December 2013 as a “fun and friendly online money.” Dogecoin is “a decentralised, peer-to-peer digital money” whose mascot is a Shiba Inu named “Doge”…[continue reading]

2) Vitalik Buterin: Crypto Must Become Useful By 2032

The developer of Ethereum explained ZK-Rollup technology, the obstacles that a “100% complete” Ethereum would encounter, and why the next three years should serve as a testing ground for blockchain applications…[continue reading]

3) Dogecoin Announces Another Major Launch

Michi Lumin, the key developer of the Dogecoin Foundation has announced the inaugural release of libdogecoin, the C library containing Dogecoin building blocks. Libdogecoin is a C library that provides lightweight, direct integration of Dogecoin across several platforms without requiring blockchain expertise from developers…[continue reading]

4) Coinbase And BlackRock Establish Institutional Crypto Access

According to a blog post published on Thursday, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has partnered with BlackRock, the world’s most effective asset management, to provide its customers direct access to cryptocurrencies, beginning with Bitcoin (BTC)…[continue reading]

5) MicroStrategy’s $2,983,077,000 Bitcoin Accumulation Not For Sale After CEO Resigns

MicroStrategy’s former CEO, Michael Saylor has resigned, but the corporation will continue to hold Bitcoin (BTC). Microstrategy reveals in a new statement that Saylor will become its new executive chairman on August 8, focusing on innovation and long-term company strategy…[continue reading]