Dogecoin Announces Another Major Launch

Michi Lumin, the key developer of the Dogecoin Foundation has announced the inaugural release of libdogecoin, the C library containing Dogecoin building blocks.

Libdogecoin is a C library that provides lightweight, direct integration of Dogecoin across several platforms without requiring blockchain expertise from developers.

Libdogecoin aims to provide comprehensive implementation of the Dogecoin Protocols as a C library, enabling the creation of Dogecoin-compliant products by anybody. Consequently, in its first release, Libdogecoin v 0.1 remains a pure library, unable to “operate” a node.

Adoption brought through via integration highlights the Dogecoin Foundation’s core emphasis on usefulness. It is believed that this may be accomplished by exploiting Dogecoin’s basic functionality and making it available as a simple C library with bindings for several languages, improving the community’s ability for creativity.

As noted by the Dogecoin Foundation in the Libdogecoin trail map, the Dogecoin Core wallet is now burdened with features that “slow down development” and are thus best divided into utilities.

In addition to producing Libdogecoin, the Dogecoin team has focused on laying the groundwork for future projects such as RadioDoge, Gigawallet, and many more over the last several months. The first Dogecoin transaction was transmitted by RadioDOGE and reported by U. Today, in April, the meme cryptocurrency reached a significant milestone.

In a released statement, Dogecoin developers also provided details on how to use Libdogecoin. 40.23 billion Dogecoin are held by Robinhood on behalf of investors.

According to the Twitter account @Dogewhalealert, Robinhood now holds a total of 40,238,383,728 Dogecoin on behalf of its investors, which is equivalent to $2,698,225,059.

According to U.Today, Dogecoin’s new website has just gone online, and Dogecoin core version v.1.14.6 has been released. Dogepedia, which attempts to educate and “dispel the FUDs,” is one of the website’s many new features.

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