Visa Is Hiring Additional Crypto Developers To Drive Mainstream Adoption Of Blockchain Technology

Visa is looking to hire experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency developers to help expand the acceptability of public blockchain networks and stablecoin payments.

Backend engineers with experience working with public blockchains and stablecoins are in particular demand by the payments giant Visa, which is seeking to expand its crypto team.

On Thursday, Cuy Sheffield, vice president of crypto at Visa and head of the company’s crypto division, tweeted about the openings, adding that the posts will assist push widespread acceptance of the technology.

For the purpose of developing and debugging smart contracts, Visa is primarily looking for people who have experience working with cutting-edge AI-assisted engineering tools such as Github Copilot.

According to a second section of the job post, Visa is searching for engineers that are “passionate about the Web3 stack of technologies.”

Testing frameworks like Truffle, Mocha, and Hardhat are among the expected areas of competence for applicants. Candidates that have a strong grasp of Layer-1 and Layer-2 solutions, in addition to a solid knowledge of constructing smart contracts using Solidity, Ethereum’s programming language, are the ones that Visa is most interested in hearing from.

Additionally, it is recommended that they have knowledge of the public and permissioned distributed ledger technologies, as well as security protocols and the new Ethereum account standard, ERC-4337.

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