The Solana ChatGPT plugin gets on-chain data

The plugin can retrieve account information as well as information about NFTs.

As seen in a tweet on April 25, Solana Labs has announced a ChatGPT module that will enable chatbot users to interact with the Solana blockchain.

According to Solana Labs, the plugin will allow ChatGPT users to see wallet balances, send and receive tokens, and buy NFTs without leaving the app.

A user requests an inventory of NFTs possessed by a particular Solana address in one screenshot. In a second sample image, a user requests assistance with sending a Solana transaction to another address. In a third sample image, a user requests assistance with purchasing an NFT. Each prompt returns pertinent information or instructions in natural language.

According to the plugin’s GitHub page, it is possible to access information such as account balances, assets owned, transactions, signatures, NFT collections, and more.

Solana did not specify when a plugin would be made available to the public, but he did say that developers could construct their own extensions using the project’s source code.

The announcement of Solana’s ChatGPT module appears alongside various other AI-related cryptocurrency services and initiatives.

Binance released a “Sensei” chatbot powered by ChatGPT on April 24, and Visa announced intentions to employ an AI-focused blockchain developer on the same day.

Additionally, crypto-integrated browsers are incorporating AI capabilities. Opera also announced today the Opera One AI-integrated version. In early March, Brave incorporated an AI-powered “summarizer” utility into its search engine.

Individuals affiliated with Marvel Studios and Epic Games have discussed the potential of AI in the entertainment industry outside of the blockchain industry.

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