Ukrainian crypto and blockchain companies continue to exist Despite the continued conflict

Finch executives are preparing to create a Miami office, while several staff of blockchain startup NEAR have convened in Lisbon.

Numerous Ukrainian firms have been forced to close or cease operations since the war with Russia began on Feb. 24, but those in the bitcoin industry have remained operational, although with many employees in bomb shelters, spread throughout the globe, and facing an unclear future.

Arsenii Hurtavtsov, a Ukrainian native and CEO of nonfungible token service provider Finch, told Cointelegraph that he was able to board one of the final flights from Kyiv to Azerbaijan on Feb. 23 before the government started banning many males from departing, most likely in preparation of the country’s military’s need for personnel. He relocated to Dubai immediately after his escape with his business partner, chief operating officer Alina Varakuta.

Both received messages from relatives and family members overseas and expressed fear about their personal safety, but also discussed how they might continue operating Finch and assisting staff in need.

“We were taken aback since we couldn’t continue working because our men were in bomb shelters – it’s insane,” Varakuta said.

“When the conflict began, I phoned all our customers and informed them that we would have to cease operations for at least one week,” Hurtavtsov said. “Fortunately, they all recognised the problem and agreed. Following that, we attempted to contact every employee. We said that we would give them as much time as they needed and that we would not dismiss anybody, since we recognised that they may be unable to work for two weeks or several months, but they would still need to purchase food and other necessities.”

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