WikiLeaks and Digital Artist Pak to Launch Ethereum Neural Network Tokens to Secure Julian Assange’s Release

Following the incredibly successful debut of his “Merge” NFT on Gemini-backed NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, renowned digital artist “Pak” announced yesterday cooperation with WikiLeaks to create a line of NFTs to benefit the Wau Holland Foundation.

Wau Holland, founded in 2003 and named for the co-founder of Europe’s biggest hacker club, has raised millions of dollars for WikiLeaks.

“They embrace free speech and, through their moral fortitude, are defending Julian Assange,” Gabriel Shipton, film producer and Julian Assange’s brother, tells Decrypt.

The new collection, dubbed “Censored,” is due to debut on February 7 and will feature a dynamic limited-edition NFT with a picture that changes over time in response to smart contract data, according to Pak.

Pak’s partnership with Assange is the latest development in a revived campaign to get WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released from jail. Following in the footsteps of the FreeRossDAO, which was formed to raise funds for the release of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht from prison, the FreeAssangeDAO has formed to assist the WikiLeaks founder’s legal efforts following his indictment on conspiracy charges in 2019 and possible extradition to the United States.

Though the NFT collection is mostly unconnected to the FreeAssangeDAO, Shipton, who serves as an adviser to the DAO, says the group intends to bid on the dynamic NFT.

Shipton notes that “the notion of Censored is really topical,” given ongoing discussions in the United States regarding platforms’ obligation to monitor and control material. He referenced Joe Rogan’s spat with Spotify over alleged misinformation about the COVID vaccination on the podcaster’s programme.

“For me, it’s about freedom, and this time, my medium is a case,” Pak said during a Discord chat about the new NFT collection.

Pak’s last collection, “Merge,” debuted in December 2021 and generated almost $92 million in “mass” token sales on Nifty Gateway from 28,984 total customers. Following the token sale, the “mass” tokens were merged to form dynamic, collectable NFTs. According to Nifty Gateway, the NFT drop was the platform’s highest-grossing collection.

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