The revolutionary AI chatbot Girolamos sets Cardano Blockchain Network on a new course

To demonstrate their dedication to innovation, Cardano has released Girolamo, their first internet-generative chatbot. It bridges blockchain and AI.

A pioneer in the field of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI), Cardano has introduced Girolamo, its first internet-generative chatbot, marking a significant step forward in this emerging field. Girolamo, named after the Italian mathematician, represents a major step forward in Cardano’s AI journey with its beta introduction.

Girolamo exemplifies Cardano’s dedication to AI sector innovation and practical application. This chatbot is designed to handle a broad range of questions, including those particular to certain industries as well as more general, daily inquiries. Incorporating a visual component into its functioning, Girolamo stands out due to its capacity to create and understand visuals.

In 2021, Cardano began collaborating with artificial intelligence (AI) developers Awakening Health, Hanson Robotics, and SingularityNET (a blockchain partner of Cardano) to introduce Grace, an AI robot. The goal of combining AI with blockchain technology has been the subject of several projects, the first of which was this one.

It is clear that Cardano wants to continue growing its blockchain ecosystem, given the recent outreach from Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson to OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The fact that Cardano is considering forming a relationship with OpenAI shows that they are determined to continue being pioneers in the field of blockchain and AI integration.

Cardano has been making progress in other domains at the same time as its AI ambitions. The latest version of its lightweight wallet, Lace, fixes a number of problems, one of which is improving the connection of decentralized applications (dApps) on the Cardano network. If the Cardano ecosystem is to continue to evolve and provide better user interactions and experiences, these updates are essential.

Finally, the Mithril team has finished implementing the prototype of the Mithril relay, which strengthens Cardano’s dedication to decentralization. Decentralized networks rely on this advancement to facilitate signature broadcasting between peers.

Cardano is preparing for a major achievement in the governance sector. As part of CIP-1694, the community is getting ready to hold a special ballot vote that will assess the merits of on-chain and off-chain governance innovations. This program showcases Cardano’s commitment to community engagement and governance growth. It began with a snapshot of participating wallets on November 21 and will continue with a vote procedure from December 1 to December 11.

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