California is taking ethical considerations into account as it plans to use AI

The paper from California details the use of generative AI in governmental programs, highlighting both the positive aspects for service delivery and the need of addressing potential concerns such as data privacy and disinformation.

In a recent report, the governor’s office outlined California’s plans to incorporate GenAI into governmental operations. The possible advantages and disadvantages of GenAI are detailed in the 34-page report that Governor Gavin Newsom requested. To improve government services and tackle issues like data privacy, disinformation, inequality, and prejudice, it stresses the requirement of ethical usage and transparent deployment.

The study highlights the many uses of GenAI, such as its ability to translate government documents into other languages, identify instances of tax fraud, summarize public remarks, and provide details about state services.

At least 35 of the top 50 artificial intelligence businesses in the world are based in California. Pitchfork predicts that by 2023, the GenAI business would be worth $42.6 billion. Both public policy and economic considerations need a stance on AI from the state. The research recognizes that AI has the ability to transform California’s economy, but it also warns of dangers such as the dissemination of false information, the delivery of harmful medical advice, and the facilitation of harmful technology.

Recognizing both the revolutionary potential and the need to address safety issues, the governor’s administration has called for a nuanced approach to artificial intelligence. This position is reflective of a larger discussion in the IT sector over artificial intelligence, where views on the topic vary from concerns about becoming too dependent on automation to hopeful assessments of its ability to tackle global issues such as illness and climate change.

Major leadership changes at large firms and continuing rivalry among digital giants like Facebook, Google, and OpenAI, which is sponsored by Microsoft, are among the notable events in the AI market that have occurred at the same time as the study. The sector is always evolving, and these movements highlight how difficult it is to set up good governance.

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