The release of Snaps will allow MetaMask to function in contexts outside from the EVM

Expanding to non-EVM blockchains including Cosmos, Solana, and Starknet was announced by MetaMask.

The most popular web3 wallet, MetaMask, has released a new software mechanism called Snaps to increase its compatibility with blockchain networks that do not support the Ethereum Virtual Machine out of the box.

MetaMask has seen the most action with Ethereum and other blockchains that are interoperable with Ethereum, such as BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. The usage of Snaps will allow MetaMask to function with non-EVM blockchains like Cosmos, Solana, and Starknet.

MetaMask’s Snaps are reusable software components that may be added to the wallet for a variety of purposes. For example, you can utilize Snaps to make your wallet interoperable with numerous blockchain networks.

Over 25 Snaps for additional functionality are planned for release at launch, all of which have passed security reviews and are thus whitelisted by the MetaMask development team. The team has declared that it would let other developers to distribute and update Snaps without interference.

According to MetaMask’s staff, the company has collaborated with more than 150 programmers to increase the scope of Snaps’ development.

Christian Montoya, the product lead for MetaMask Snaps, has stated, “We are building MetaMask Snaps as an open platform for innovation and we do not charge developers for publishing Snaps to this platform.” We consider permissionless innovation to be a core tenet of a decentralized system in which there are no centralized gatekeepers.

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