The creator of Cardano mocks the term “ghost chain” and corrects the record

The inventor of the network, Charles Hoskinson, has poked fun at allegations that Cardano (ADA) is a “ghost chain” because of the decline in sales of NFTs on it.

On August 1, Hoskinson tweeted a gif on Twitter depicting a ghost impersonator dancing in a white sheet with the caption “Ghostchain gonna Ghost,” and he also reposted a tweet from user TapTools that presents evidence disproving the ghost chain claims.

In particular, TapTools cited the over 72.5 million transactions performed on the Cardano blockchain as “a testament to the very real activity happening every moment on Cardano” to dispel the misconception that Cardano is a “ghost chain.”

There are more than 8.6 million native assets in Cardano. Not the kind of number you’d expect to see in a ‘ghost chain,’ is it? Cardano is a thriving ecosystem full of life and creativity, as seen by the development and trading of various assets.

TapTools also brought attention to the $185 million total value locked (TVL) in Cardano, saying that this “is a clear signal of increasing confidence and engagement from the community” and “a direct contradiction to the ‘ghost chain’ narrative.”

The user also noted that the number of ADA wallets has grown to over 4.2 million and is still rising, calling them “the very heartbeat of our community – a community that is anything but a ghost town.” At the end of his or her laudatory rant, the user said:

“But beyond the numbers, Cardano’s vibrant community is what makes it really unique. The Cardano community is expanding and active because its members share a commitment to the principles of decentralization. Cardano’s success may be directly attributed to their enthusiasm and confidence.”

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