Shiba Inu Developer Updates Burning Mechanism

In a series of tweets published today, Shytoshi Kusama, a prominent developer and perhaps the most prominent Shiba Inu media spokesperson, declared the impending arrival of significant events in the lives of all ecosystem initiatives.

specifically, the creator cited the game Shiba Eternity and burning once again in the same context, which may suggest SHIB burning via game mechanics.

In his speech to the community, the representative of Shiba Inu vowed to provide Shibarium updates in the near future. When the blockchain version is launched, upgrades to the long-awaited Layer 2 solution, which will apply to all tokens in the ecosystem, may be anticipated.

It is unclear if the SHIB burning method will be used in Shiba Eternity since the developer’s speech was quite menacing and might have meant that people who question the project’s success would be burnt.

Regardless, changes should be forthcoming. The Shiba Inu representative said, “Give us time, and you’ll see for yourself.”

The burning of SHIBs is one of the most urgent issues facing the Shiba Inu community. Despite the fact that over 40 percent of the entire supply of 1 quadrillion SHIB has already been used, the process is moving more slowly than investors would want.

According to the Crypt Eye site, during the previous three months, approximately 11 billion SHIB have been incinerated, the equivalent of $128,000. At the existing capacity, the average weekly burn rate is somewhat around 1 billion SHIB.

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