The Bitcoin white paper is currently available in 43 languages

The Bitcoin white paper, written by the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, continues to be disseminated in multiple languages by community members who seek to make the document’s content accessible to a broader audience.

According to information compiled on April 10 from, the whitepaper has been translated into 43 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, German, Bahasa Indonesian, Basque, and Swedish, among others.

Additionally, the whitepaper is available in braille for those with visual impairments. These efforts have considerably aided in making the document’s contents more accessible and comprehensible to a wider global audience.

The translation of the Bitcoin whitepaper plays a significant role in lowering Bitcoin’s entry barriers and enabling millions of people around the globe to better comprehend its technology. By removing the language barrier, individuals can engage with the topic and acquire a deeper understanding of how Bitcoin operates.

In a fortunate turn of events, the whitepaper may be translated by anybody who wants it to be by making a request on the bitcoinorg Github website. This approach enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to contribute to the dissemination of Bitcoin knowledge and help make it more accessible to people of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

On each of its nine pages, the document with the filename “simpledoc.pdf” purports to present Satoshi Nakamoto’s concepts for a decentralized currency based on a public ledger.

The purported creator of Bitcoin, Dr. Craig Wright, has accused Apple of violating copyright rules by including the Bitcoin white paper in its products. Wright is notorious for his litigious stance on protecting Bitcoin and its underlying technology from infringement.

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