Tencent Cloud Expands Its Web3 Presence Via Additional Partnerships

Along with its Web3 blockchain partners, Tencent Cloud intends to strengthen the Web3 ecosystem’s basic infrastructure to aid worldwide developers.

To assist the growth of the Web3 ecosystem, Tencent Cloud has established strategic partnerships with Ankr, Avalanche, Scroll, and Sui, all of whom are leaders in the cryptocurrency sector.

According to an official statement by the Chinese tech giant’s subsidiary, the current endeavour intends to create tight partnerships with industry partners to aid developers in accelerating Web3 adoption.

Poshu Yeung, senior vice president of Tencent Cloud International, said that the firm is excited to commit to the next version of the internet that ushers in the notion of “Immersive Convergence,” where physical and digital economies converge. Yeung further added,

“We are prepared to harness our many years of technical knowledge in the realms of gaming, music, and video to offer strong technical support for Web3, and to collaborate with industry partners to provide a more immersive experience and promote a more robust Web3 ecosystem.”

Tencent Cloud feels it is “fully positioned” to meet the expanding needs and expectations of the Web3 arena. In the future, it plans to collaborate with the world’s leading ecosystem partners to harness its “high-performance, high-quality infrastructure and cloud technologies.”

The goal is to encourage the growth and development of the Web3 ecosystem in a sustainable manner. Tencent Cloud also intends to assist entrepreneurs and developers with the integration of new technologies. In addition, the emphasis will be on aiding developers in the areas of security, storage, identity management, middleware, development tools, data, and analytics. As a result, the firm announced that it would provide cloud solution credits, marketing training, and media chances to the developers.

According to the press release, selected companies will also be given priority for product integration and co-creation with Tencent and its partners.

During today’s Tencent Cloud Web3 Build Day in Singapore, where Tencent Cloud signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr, the most recent plans were disclosed. The two platforms will establish a comprehensive suite of blockchain API services to provide Web3 developers with a globally distributed and decentralized network of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) nodes.

In the meanwhile, the firm has established partnerships with the smart contracts platform Avalanche, the open-source, fully EVM-compatible zk-Rollup builder Scroll, and the Layer-1 blockchain Sui.

On the same occasion, Tencent also unveiled Cloud Metaverse-in-a-Box, which intends to enable enterprises to construct metaverse apps with higher speed, security, and adaptability. This is anticipated to speed the transition of public sector and corporate customers to the metaverse.

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