STEPN Token plummets after China Ban Announcement

STEPN (GMT) and Green Satoshi (GNT), two widely used twin tokens, both fell sharply when the app’s prohibition on users from the People’s Republic of China was announced.

It dropped from $1.24 to $0.83 after the news of the ban, but has since recovered and is presently trading at $1.05. In the same way that VAT went from $2.03 to $1.53 by more than 26%, the GST did the same. The good news is that it has regained some of its lost lustrs and is now worth $1.86.

STEPN made the following statement via a tweet on Thursday: According to the terms of use and IP location services, STEPN will cease delivering GPS to accounts on July 15, 2022, at 24:00 (UTC+8) if users in mainland China are discovered.

As an apology for the delay, STEPN said that they appreciate your cooperation! Too far, STEPN has not done any commerce or supplied download channels in mainland China.”

The STEPN craze has taken over the Internet

Over 800,000 people are believed to be using the STEPN app every day, which was introduced in December 2021. Fitness aficionados, in particular, are raving about the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by just moving around, exercising, fast walking, and running.

This app’s success is incredible, given that it encourages users to be physically active and healthy. Members of the active community are rewarded by the app’s ambassadors with NFT shoes, which they may use to earn GST while walking or running about their areas.

If you have a lot of footwear and play often, you may make $50 or more every day if you’re a regular player.

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