Spain Police Raids an Illegal Cryptocurrency Farm

Spanish Police Operate an Operation to Dismantle an Illegal Cryptocurrency Mining Farm in Spain.

The Spanish National Police raided and demolished an illicit cryptocurrency farm operating in Spain’s Toledo district. The farm functioned illegally connected to the electrical grid, robbing the utility provider of thousands of euros. The farm was equipped with over a hundred mining machines and advanced climate control systems.

The National Police raided and dismantled a cryptocurrency mining facility in Spain’s Toledo region that was operating illegally connected to the electrical grid. A video published on social media depicts the agents’ technique for gaining access to the farm, which included breaching the front door and entering the premises of the residence in the Toledo region. Agents were notified of the incident because of the extraordinary amount of heat radiated by the residence in conjunction with its extremely high energy consumption.

A woman was arrested on suspicion of committing fraud against a power utility provider. In the country, cryptocurrency mining is a totally legal occupation, as long as miners cover their electricity costs. According to police records, the farm employed over 100 miners and included an extensive ventilation and refrigeration system. The woman was forced to connect illegally to the grid in order to earn from cryptocurrency mining, which requires a lot of energy.

The inquiry is ongoing to ascertain all of the facts surrounding this incident and to determine whether there is a money laundering connection. Local media says, however, that the search party was anticipating something more typical of the area: a cannabis plantation.

This Is Not the First Time

This is not the first time a cryptocurrency farm has been mistaken for a marijuana plantation. On May 28, a team of the United Kingdom’s police raided what they believed to be a cannabis farm and discovered a massive bitcoin mining operation. As evidenced by the heated print identified and the high transit of persons affiliated with the property, the intelligence underpinning the raid showed there were signs consistent with traditional cannabis plantations.

In that case, the farm was also stealing electricity from the grid, robbing the country’s utility company of thousands of pounds. This type of theft is expected to continue as long as the Bitcoin mining difficulty continues to rise and more equipment becomes obsolete in order to maintain a reasonable profit margin for miners. This is not a serious offense in Spain and carries a maximum punishment of 12 months of payment.

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