Solana Sells More NFTs Than Ethereum

The sales volume of Solana has lately surpassed that of Ethereum. After 2.78% growth, Solana’s sales have surpassed $16 million, according to the data.

Despite a general market decline, this increase occurs while Ethereum’s sales drop by 22.70%. Some intriguing patterns are emerging in the blockchain world as it pertains to NFT sales. Recent statistics show that Solana is on the rise, but Ethereum has been leading the NFT market for quite some time.

Compared to Solana’s roughly $16 million, Ethereum’s sales have decreased to $11.4 million. Even though Bitcoin isn’t usually involved in NFTs directly, it has made $13 million in sales. This is because of the explosion of Bitcoin Ordinals, which has helped propel the flagship cryptocurrency beyond its altcoin competition in terms of overall costs.

Though they have sold fewer tokens ($942,113 vs. $1.5 million), other blockchains such as ImmutableX and Polygon are also making waves.

There has been a dramatic uptick in activity on Solana’s NFT marketplace, with Tensor quickly taking the lead. The site has surpassed Magic Eden in monthly trade volume, reaching over $1 million. With almost 60% of Solana’s overall NFT market share, Tensor is now in a dominant position.

There may be fewer individual wallet users on Tensor than Magic Eden, but the platform’s traders are interacting with more volume.

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