Silicon Valley CEOs Are “Not Interested” In Metaverse Scenario

In recent events, the metaverse has been getting more attention. Due to the increasing number of enthusiasts in the space, many initiatives have evolved.

Nonetheless, several IT company CEOs have voiced less enthusiasm for the metaverse. For instance, Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, and Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap, have said that they are not huge supporters of the metaverse.

During a recent Wall Street Journal event, they expressed their indifference towards the present state of the metaverse.

Currently, the metaverse is described by Spencer as a system of badly constructed video games. This is shown by the poor visuals and interface quality of its environment.

Spencer emphasized the benefit of the game world over the metaverse, which includes the ability to create several interesting virtual worlds. In addition, he compared the majority of metaverse efforts to virtual room meetings.

The Microsoft gaming director elaborated on the particular skill of the majority of video game designers. In addition, he said that their efforts provide enticing environments with more appeal for leisure and amusement. The chief declared that he would never participate in metaverse endeavours resembling a conference room.

Spiegel for his part likened the encounters to living inside a machine. He observed that the present level of metaverse idea iterations is elementary. Therefore, after a tough day of work, he will not find such activities to be very stimulating.

Spiegel also indicated that Snap has prioritized the reduction of its service’s hardware. Instead, it intends to target virtual reality (VR) devices in accordance with the prevailing fashion. This will enable the project to give a superb augmented reality experience in the actual world (AR).

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