Scammers Are Using Verified Twitter Accounts to Promote a Fake Azuki NFT Airdrop

As was the case with the previous ApeCoin fraud, offenders are hacking users’ accounts and distributing a similar NFT token scam.

Attention Twitter users: if you’ve been tagged in a post offering an incredible chance to get free Azuki NFTs, do not click the link or connect your Ethereum wallet. This is very certainly part of a recent fraud, and it is not an official project of the Azuki founders.

Scammers are hijacking verified Twitter accounts, including those of journalists and media professionals, and altering the profile content and photographs to make it seem as if the account belongs to one of the co-creators of the famous Azuki project (the real founders at Chiru Labs all use pseudonyms).

From there, the fraudster tweets a link to a “hidden airdrop” of Beanz, the NFT that was distributed for free last week solely to existing Azuki NFT holders. The tweet indicates that community members should click the link to “claim a bean,” at which point they will be required to connect an Ethereum wallet as part of the fraudulent operation.

Ultimately, it looks as though individuals that link a wallet to the site have their NFTs taken from their wallets. They get no Beanz NFTs or other compensation.

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