Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Developer Announces Important Changes to Shibarium Network

Kaal Dhairya, a developer on the Shiba Inu (SHIB) project, updated the community on a number of recent advances in a blog post earlier today.

He started by expressing his delight at the ShibArmy’s success in reaching the landmark of one million wallets and almost one million transactions. Dhairya reaffirmed its commitment to keeping Shibarium as a top-tier, low-cost Layer 2 network.

The hosted version of Blockscout Explorer (also known as “Shibarium Explorer”) is now live on Shibariumscan as one of the first significant upgrades. This shift frees up the protocol team to focus on network enhancements, while Blockscout maintains a fully operational explorer and indexes the blockchain. Dhairya suggested that users check the validity of newly installed smart contracts and do their own study using this explorer. He said that they would soon be advertising Shibarium-based projects, for which Blockscout’s contract verification is crucial.

Dhairya disclosed the confirmed address of the WBONE contract and said that extra tokens will be mapped to the bridge.

The creator went on to say that they are collaborating with other external bridges to make it possible to convert a wide variety of tokens into Shibarium. In addition, he let out that new validators will be added to the network and that they would be renouncing the BONE contract within a week.

Dhairya concluded by saying that from here on out, the Shib team will be primarily concerned with developing new technologies on top of Shibarium. He encouraged the Shibarium community to build upon their platform, saying that it would be a source of great pride if the next great idea were to originate there.

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