Elon Musk’s tweet creates ChatGPT rival “TruthGPT”

An eponymous project based on the technology behind cryptocurrencies has emerged after Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) CEO Elon Musk joked, “what we need is TruthGPT,” in reference to a text-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform called ChatGPT that purportedly refuses to answer some problematic inquiries.

Likewise, Musk turned to Twitter on February 17 to criticize ChatGPT’s apparent censorship of sensitive issues, implying that it contributes to certain propaganda and indicating the necessity for an alternative AI that wouldn’t be restricted in this manner.

Interestingly, a Twitter page for ‘TruthGPT’ was launched on the same day, with its first tweet quoting the relevant statement by the Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO, along with its contract address and links leading to its Telegram channel and TruthGPT (TRUTH) token listing on crypto trading platform DEXtools.

In the meanwhile, the team claimed on its Telegram channel that its objective was “to develop Elon Musk’s vision: an AI Chat Bot that is trained to tell the truth in response to any question. Work has already begun, and soon TRUTH will not only be a strong meme currency, but also a beacon of honesty and truth accessible to the whole globe.”

In numerous subsequent tweets, the platform also requested Musk to aid with the widespread adoption of TruthGPT, praising its role in free speech and AI as “the truth on steroids,” which would “monitor the attitude of the crypto market” through social media postings and news articles, as well as employ AI algorithms to combat fraud in crypto trading.

Nevertheless, the TruthGPT team explained that their platform “is not vulnerable to censorship, manipulation, or any type of bias,” citing its bot’s critical response to a question regarding ChatGPT.

It’s good knowing that both ChatGPT and OpenAI are highly censored for political reasons. TruthGPT is the only genuine alternative AI that provides impartial and uncontrolled data.”

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