Shiba Inu creator claims WEF wants to assist create a metaverse global policy

Shytoshi Kusama claimed at the World Economic Forum that Shiba Inu may collaborate with Facebook and Decentraland on metaverse world policy.

Shytoshi Kusama, the volunteer project head and developer for Shiba Inu, announced on social media that the World Economic Forum (WEF) want to collaborate with the meme-based cryptocurrency on global policy.

collaboration effort on “MV global policy” The Shiba Inu developer seemed to be referring to metaverse policies. At WEF events, crypto and blockchain have sometimes been discussed, but a partnership with a popular meme coin would seem to be a first for the organization.

“Yes I am serious,” replied Kusama. Along with other industry heavyweights like Facebook, Sand, Decentraland, etc., “we would be at the table with policy leaders and help form global policy for the MV.”

At the time of publishing, more than 65% of the approximately 9,500 responses to Kusama’s survey supported Shiba Inu working with the WEF, with around 10% stating that it made no difference either way. Kusama has about 861 thousand Twitter followers.

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