Ripple executive has made a surprising proposal to FTX workers

Ripple’s chief technical officer, David Schwartz, has referred to the potential of FTX workers pursuing a career with the cryptocurrency payment startup.

Previously, Schwartz made a similar offer to Twitter workers who had suffered large layoffs due to the management transition and Elon Musk’s entrance.

The Ripple CTO’s offers reflect the company’s need and desire to grow its personnel. According to U.Today, Ripple has more than 350 open positions in Asia and North America. Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong, for instance, attempted to get a position as Ripple’s director of strategy in Singapore.

In addition to giving employment to former FTX workers, Schwartz speculated on the potential of Ripple being acquired by Apple or Microsoft.

According to the company’s technical representative, this is very improbable due to the availability of XRP. Even if Ripple’s bitcoin reserves are addressed, Schwartz believes it remains unclear why a sell would occur.

Nevertheless, if a corporation is interested in purchasing RippleNet, the technology could be spun off and sold, and XRP and RippleX would become different organisations. Nonetheless, there is no credit for this, he concluded.

Remember that Ripple escrow accounts store 44 billion XRP or less than half of the entire quantity of the cryptocurrency.

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