Rep. Warren Davidson has been vocal in his opposition to CBDCs and support of permissionless P2P money

Warren Davidson, a Republican member of Congress in the United States, has said again that he believes all government-issued CBDCs should be outlawed.

He demanded that the government swiftly prohibit and criminalize the research, development, construction, and testing of CBDCs.

In a subsequent tweet, Davidson said that permissionless P2P transactions should be used instead of CBDCs since money shouldn’t be programmed by a central authority.

The 8th Ohio Congressional District’s representative has been an outspoken critic of CBDC research and development. Davidson sent a letter to members of Congress advocating for action against CBDCs in March.

He also pointed out that the government is pushing for CBDC, which is held by the state, to be used as money in private transactions, which might compromise the security and independence of the U.S. people.

In April, Davidson had presented a bill to remove SEC Chair Gary Gensler from his position, claiming a “long series of abuses” by Gensler as the reason.

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