Poloniex Finds Hacker Worth $110 Million

Poloniex has identified the hacker who stole $110 million and is offering a reward of $10 million for their recovery.

While China, the United States, and Russia are working to trace down the assets, the hacker may face legal action.

The identity of the hacker who stole more than 110 million dollars has been revealed by the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. The hacker was notified by Justin Sun that authorities from China, the United States of America, and Russia are associated with the incident, and that the assets that were taken would be followed and frozen. A ten-million-dollar incentive was provided by Sun in the event that the cash was returned before November 25th, 2023.

The first investigation revealed that it was believed that hackers from North Korea were responsible for the assault, which made the recovery process more difficult. Poloniex has notified its users that the services of depositing and withdrawing money will be operational again as soon as feasible.

Following an initial offer of five percent of the stolen funds to the hacker in the hope of persuading them to return the assets, Sun has now increased the reward to eleven and five hundred thousand dollars. There is a possibility that the hacker will suffer legal penalties, regardless of the motive.

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