CoinShares Introduces A Hedge Fund Division In The United States, Targeting Institutional Investors

Lewis Fellas, CEO of CoinShares, says the market will benefit greatly from the resumption of interest rate-driven volatility.

On Friday, cryptocurrency asset management CoinShares announced the opening of CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions in the United States.

As a result, the firm will be able to reach a wider audience of institutional investors in the United States by making its digital asset-specific investment products available to them.

This strategic growth occurs just before the highly anticipated Future of Digital Assets conference, hosted by Benzinga on November 14.

To this end, CoinShares strives to provide its institutional customers with all the resources and knowledge they need to confidently invest in digital assets.

The marketing efforts for CoinShares’ hedge fund solutions in the United States will be headed by CoinShares Capital LLC.

The organization originated in 2014 as the Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund, but its origins can be traced all the way back to the commodities hedge fund Global Advisors.

Industry veteran Lewis Fellas has been tapped to oversee CoinShares’ new Hedge Fund Solutions business.

CEO Jean-Marie Mognetti of CoinShares made this observation on the growth: “in a changing macro environment, the demand for actively managed exposure to digital assets is a natural progression. Investor satisfaction is our first priority, and that’s why we design our products with them in mind.”

Fellas said, “The design of our initiatives demonstrates the company’s capacity to create products that fit the needs of institutions. Our innovative fund products are designed to reduce risk while exposing investors to certain asset classes, and we want to take advantage of this.”

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