OpenSea Has Made the Decision to Stop Supporting Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC)

OpenSea, which is the biggest NFT platform in the world, has made the announcement that it would no longer allow Binance Smart Chain NFTs.

OpenSea, the most important marketplace for NFTs, revealed on Twitter that it would stop providing support for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) NFTs. The company gave as its reason the need to focus its efforts on more interesting and productive activities.

This choice was made as a result of OpenSea’s recent decision to include support for layer-2 crypto solutions like Base and Zora.

Beginning today, users will no longer have the ability to make new listings for BSC NFTs or submit new bids on those ads, as stated in the statement. On the other hand, they will continue to have access to the OpenSea website to explore, find, and transfer BSC NFTs. OpenSea did not provide any information on the longevity of this feature or whether or not it would be eliminated at some point in the future.

However, OpenSea said that it should concentrate on projects that have potential as the business continues to develop. The corporation said in its announcement that it has come to the conclusion that the expense of maintaining support for BSC is not worth the benefits it provides.

OpenSea could not provide any further information on the charges or the effects. OpenSea further indicated that it has a hopeful outlook for the future of many chains.

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