Reddit’s NFT sales have reached $32 million and Over 10 Million Users Since Web3’s Release

After a year of the Web3 campaign, Reddit has over 10 million NFT holders. The highest-priced Reddit avatar ever sold for over $50,000.

With the popularity of Reddit collectibles, the pro-blockchain social media network Reddit is booming. Polygon (MATIC) is one of the most secure blockchain systems, and its July 2022 launch of a series of non-fungible tokens has been well received by its big community.

According to on-chain statistics, $9,909,465 Reddit accounts have been found to own NFTs, and the collectibles have a current market value of $38,466,577. According to DuneAnalytics, a blockchain data analytics company, the majority of the first year’s success can be attributed to trademark collections like The Senses, poieeeyee, and Foustlings, all three of which surpassed $1 million in sales.

Reddit partnered with Ubisoft, a large video game publisher, to expand on the 303,033 sales from the aforementioned NFT collections. Reddit recently released the Rabbids NFT collection, which comprises the recognisable alien rabbit figures and their signature red plungers, in honour of their one year on Web3.

The iconic Rabbids from the early 2000s Ubisoft games will now exist on Polygon’s distributed ledger. To get your hands on one of the exclusive Reddit x Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs, sign into Reddit and choose “Style Avatar.” When you click the ‘Explore’ tab in the newly opened dialogue box, you’ll see a list of Rabbids NFTs. When you are ready to begin minting Polygon (MATIC), click the “Get” button.

Reddit users have been utilising “digital collectibles” instead of “NFTs” for their profile pictures after the cryptocurrency market meltdown of last year.

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