MetaMask App Reportedly Pulled from Apple’s App Store

It has been reported that Apple has taken the crypto wallet software MetaMask off from the software Store.

MetaMask, Apple’s most downloaded crypto wallet software, has apparently been deleted from the software Store.

There is a unique “Connecting…” screen that shows when you attempt to visit the app’s shop page that you won’t see in any other app.

If the MetaMask software has been deleted from the software Store by Apple, users will be unable to reinstall it.

Users will also be unable to get updates for the app in the future. This is really bad news for crypto wallet apps and other programs that rely on up-to-date software to ensure user safety.

However, it seems that other crypto wallet apps, including Trust Wallet, remain on the app store’s shelves. Whether or not MetaMask was really removed from the App Store is unclear. In past Apple bans apps that generate in-app revenue without sharing a cut with the company.

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