The MetaMask hack cost Mark Cuban almost $870,000

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a billionaire entrepreneur, lost over $870,000 in a crypto fraud.

On Friday, DL News contacted Cuban, who stated he had lost 5 Ethereum (now worth around $8,175) and that he had no idea his wallet had been hacked.

“Someone duped me out of five Ether. It had been months since my last visit to MetaMask. Cuban told DL News that “they must have been watching” after being asked about the unusual activity in a wallet identified as “Mark Cuban 2″ on the EtherScan blockchain explorer.”

Reportedly losing more than 5 Ether over 10 different cryptocurrencies, Cuban’s total losses amounted to almost $870,000. Stablecoins and other tokens, including Lido’s staked Ether, SuperRare, and the Ethereum Name Service token, were among the stolen assets.

During an interview, Cuban said, “MetaMask collapsed a few times. I suddenly quit. I then received an email from you.”

Cuban claims that he was able to move his remaining funds to the cryptocurrency exchange by using “the dongle that Coinbase uses for authentication.”

Blockchain investigator Wazz first uncovered the attack after seeing unusual activity in one of Cuban’s wallets that the businessman hadn’t used in months.

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