MakerDAO states the conclusion of ‘Endgame’ and emphasizes the Solana codebase

The third and final act of “Endgame” has been revealed, and it includes a new blockchain proposal and a reimplementation of the Maker Protocol.

MakerDAO has developed the last stage of its multi-part “Endgame” strategy, which seeks to establish a network of decentralized autonomous organizations (subDAOs) inside the broader ecosystem.

In a blog post, MakerDAO co-founder and CEO Rune Christensen revealed that the company has settled on NewChain, a “finish reimplementation of the complete Maker Protocol built locally on a new, stand-alone blockchain,” as the last step of “Endgame.”

Christensen made the announcement on Friday through X (formerly Twitter). Christensen described the last stage of Endgame as the introduction of a new blockchain protocol for Maker, dubbed NewChain. The ecology will be safer and more productive as a result.

MakerDAO’s “Endgame” is an ambitious aim to build a thriving, innovative “emergent, community-driven ecosystem.” MakerDAO’s goal with this plan is to increase the circulation of dai, a stablecoin based on Ethereum.

The Block Research reports that the present supply and market value of Dai is just $3.9 billion, which is a long way from the target of $10 billion.

The “beta launch” of a product aimed at “creating a new unifying brand for the ecosystem” is scheduled for early next year, marking the beginning of the first of five final stages.

The blueprint’s goal is to provide direction on a wide range of platform-related tasks, such as centralization and risk, front-end governance, voter committees and delegates, and more.

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