Linea and Ramp collaborate to connect zkEVM to the global financial system

Ramp, a financial technology company working to connect the crypto economy to the global financial system, announced a major partnership with Linea on October 26.

Linea is an easy-to-use zkEVM rollup for developers that is meant to make Ethereum decentralized apps (dApps) more scalable. Finbold has learned that as part of the deal, Linea Network will be integrating its cutting-edge blockchain technology with Ramp Network’s robust global payments network.

Over 150 nations and territories now have access to directly purchasing ETH and USDC via the Linea Network thanks to the first phase of this strategic cooperation. The Ramp widget makes this feasible, and it’s available via Ramp’s extensive collection of integration partners.

Both Linea Network and Ramp Network have shown a consistent commitment to offering a unified, secure, and user-centric experience for all parties involved, thus this is the first step in exploring the possibility of working together.

Founder and CEO of Ramp, Szymon Sypniewicz, said: “This collaboration with Linea Network is a testament to our mutual goal of providing developers with direct, efficient rails for the rapid development of publicly available blockchain apps. Our partnership combines the most innovative aspects of blockchain technology with tried-and-true payment methods; together, they pave the path for Web3 and the internet of value.”

Declan Fox, Linea’s Product Lead, spoke further: “Together with Ramp Network, Linea combines cutting-edge zkEVM technology with international financing, demonstrating our dedication to a streamlined and easily accessible decentralized future. Through this partnership, we will be able to more effectively empower developers and users, and we will be able to establish a new standard for Web3 accessibility and innovation.”

Linea, developed by one of the leading blockchain software companies, Consensys, allows a large number of developers to build scalable decentralized applications (dApps) or migrate existing ones without modifying existing code or rewriting smart contracts by combining the strength of zero-knowledge proofs with full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalence.

Linea’s state-of-the-art prover design coupled with Ramp’s ground-breaking on-ramp will increase access to popular payment options like credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay for consumers throughout the globe.

The partnership between Linea Network and Ramp Network is an encouraging beginning to a new way of thinking about the Web3 sector.

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