JPMorgan’s crypto payment system processes $1 billion daily

The bank is now investigating how it might provide a consumer-friendly digital deposit token.

He further said that the coin is traded mostly in USD on a regular basis. The bank’s JPMorgan Coin introduced euro-denominated transactions in June 2023.

CoinTelegraph stated in June 2023 that JPMorgan Coin has processed $300 million in transactions since its introduction in 2020.

JPMorgan Coin is a digital currency issued by JPMorgan Chase that enables wholesale customers to transact in dollars and euros via an internal blockchain. Although the digital asset token only represents a tiny fraction of the billions of dollars in transactions that JPMorgan processes every day in U.S. dollars, it is still an offering by a major bank on a working blockchain platform.

The financial services provider operates a blockchain-based repo program and is interested in investigating a digital deposit token to improve international payments. Next, Georgakopoulos says, “Consider how you can develop a retail version of that to offer consumers the same level of efficiency.”

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