LimeWire is evaluating XRP integration for token sale

During its current public token sale, once-infamous P2P file-sharing network LimeWire is considering adding support for Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency as a payment option.

For its current token sale, LimeWire (LMWR), the once-controversial peer-to-peer file-sharing technology, is contemplating adding support for Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency.

LimeWire tweeted on May 6 asking the Ripple community for assistance, with the promise that XRP will be implemented on the service the following day if the message achieved 300 retweets.

This follows the positive reception of Cardano’s ADA by the platform, which led to its inclusion as a payment mechanism for the public token sale.

LimeWire was a popular file-sharing application that skyrocketed to renown in the early 2000s due to its ease of use for transferring and downloading audio, video, and text files. Nonetheless, unlawful file sharing, such as the spread of pirated information, was facilitated by the platform’s user-friendliness and absence of content controls.

This event signaled the end of LimeWire, which had been around since 2010. LimeWire has risen from the ashes of its contentious history with a renewed focus and business plan. The service shifted its focus from peer-to-peer file sharing to becoming a refuge for creatives. LimeWire’s audience and user pool would grow if the Ripple community supported the addition of XRP.

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