Kresus Allows Withdrawals of $100,000 with No Fees

Kresus’s innovative USDC off-ramp is made possible by its partnership with Coinflow, which enables customers to withdraw up to $100,000 free of charge.

Working with Coinflow Labs has improved the effectiveness of the exit ramp. The service covers all 50 states in the US and works with a wide variety of retail outlets.

Fees and restrictions have plagued the connection between digital assets and conventional banking in the ever-changing world of crypto. Kresus, in partnership with Coinflow Labs, plans to alter this perception by launching a USDC off-ramp that not only does away with fees but also significantly increases the withdrawal cap to a mind-blowing $100,000.

Kresus introduced a new off-ramp function on September 11 that eliminates the need for customers to pay network fees when exchanging USDC for fiat currency. This functionality, created in collaboration with Coinflow Labs, allows users in all 50 US states to withdraw up to $100,000.

The exit supports assets from several chains, including popular ones like Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum. This makes it easier for users to convert their assets, even if they are stored in multiple online wallets, to participate in on-chain trade.

By providing this exit, Kresus reduces the number of parties involved in the transaction, increasing the return on investment for consumers’ digital assets. Further, the connection with Coinflow Labs enables the majority of the cash-out process to take place on-chain, drastically cutting transaction fees.

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